Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Pictures

Lots of Shiloah! She loves to play with the bubbles in the sink, touch the Christmas tree, and yesterday she was sweeping just like "Seesala" which is her version of "Cinderella." She's looking more and more like Corey!

The Night Night Time

The girls have a new favorite thing to do after bath time now -- they say, "Mommy can we do the Night Night time?" I am not even sure how we got started with it but, as you can see, they think it's the funniest thing in the world! It will be lots of fun when they start sharing a room in bunk beds -- we're thinking some time next summer or fall when Hannah is old enough to climb up the ladder without falling.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grandad, Nana, Jon Michael, Anne Parker and Aunt Budgie (my sister) all came to stay for Thanksgiving. Jon Michael and Anne Parker bravely slept in the basement with the crickets (though I have now become a master cricket killer) and poor Budgie slept on the couch... which meant she got to wake up with the girls!

Hannah and Shiloah are also really into coloring with some "special markers" on shoe papers (I have a pad of paper that looks like shoes). Hannah will lay on the kitchen floor and Shiloah will imitate her, it's very serious stuff! Hannah loves to take her time and fill in the entire shoe with color and she has even started coloring within the lines of regular coloring papers now! She's so focused and intent on her "very hard work" while coloring and will often say to me, "Not yet, Mommy, I have to finish this part!"

Christmas Pictures


Here are some sweet Christmas pictures...
The girls got beautiful Christmas dresses from Grandad and Nana and have already gotten way more than their money's worth out of them! They also have their own tree next to Mommy's big tree. They can touch the ornaments on Mommy's tree with one finger and can do whatever they want to their own tree. We also do an Advent calendar every morning that they love, too. We'll probably start opening presents soon -- we had a great time doing them Hannukah-style last year. It made things a lot easier on the girls because they didn't get too overwhelmed. We have a few "big" ones to open on Christmas day, too.