Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Ariel

Snow White

One of the many characters Hannah likes to be is Snow White. She gets the witch (anyone can be the witch, even a doll) to give her a poison apple and then she falls asleep with a HUGE grin on her face. Her hand has to be positioned just like it is in the book, up under her head. She anxiously awaits the kiss of true love from the prince (again, this can be anyone) and she quickly wakes up! She will sometimes do this little routine about a hundred times in a row. Shiloah imitates the whole deal, which frustrates Hannah a little bit because Shiloah doesn't do it correctly. Hannah is very observant!

This is a pretty common occurrence in our house -- Hannah playing with her princesses and singing. Her princesses often will cry and hold each other, fall down and kiss each others' owies, go to Target and "Prader Joe's" and ask each other nicely to wear a dress. It's really sweet! Sometimes Shiloah gets to be in on the action and sometimes not, it just depends. Usually Shiloah's a good sport and sometimes not, it just depends. :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

The cup game

The girls had a blast playing this game the other night. They play similar games frequently, now. Hannah does something that makes Shiloah laugh and it usually involves taking Shiloah's thing and then giving it back. Often that thing is a cup, don't ask me why. They think it's hilarious! Shiloah also loves sitting in the big girl chairs now but she's not quite ready to sit in one for a meal, she's too squirmy, still.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hannah's first haircut

Finally, after two and a half years of growth, Hannah's hair needed a cut. It was a big moment for me, as it meant she was really a big girl! A rite of passage of sorts. You'll see me, in the video below, cutting it straight across, but, don't worry, I layered the back so it would curl nicely. :)

The other pictures here are of Shiloah -- outside on the back deck playing in the sand/water table amidst bubbles. The bubble maker is now broke, having ingested too much sand somehow.

You'll also see Hannah wearing her favorite of my shoes and blue finger paint on her legs -- it's really body paint for the girls. Shiloah had the great idea of putting it all over her hair and face which opened it up for Hannah to go crazy!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Shiloah's favorite thing

I think I've said this before, but Hannah and Shiloah's favorite time of day is just after their bath, when they play on our bed. Shiloah particularly loves to be thrown up in the air, as you will see.