Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mommy's new haircut.

So, here's my new haircut. They took 9 inches off! I think I had enough hair for our entire family to share. I am trying to post a video of Hannah but won't let me. I'll try again soon. Craig, Mary and Amaya are coming tonight from Long Beach, CA. Craig is Corey's boss from CRM, we're really looking forward to a good time visiting with them.

By the way, do I look 28? I don't really think so, but that might be because it's my own picture. The hair stylist thought I was 20!! What's your vote? Could I win one of those "guess your age" booths at the state fair?

Monday, November 26, 2007

Come get me, Shiloah!

Hannah LOOOOOVES it when Shiloah crawls after her and comes to get her, especially when Hannah is requesting it. You'll see them playing on this video as they do a lot now -- Hannah does something and wants Shiloah to come get her, come play in the Dora tent with her, come in the playroom with her, etc. Shiloah often will comply, but sometimes starts going in that direction and then gets on another wavelength and, much to Hannah's dismay, goes off in another direction right past her!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Shiloah learns to crawl

(I tried posting this a week ago but my efforts were here's the video, finally!)

Shiloah learned to crawl about 10 days ago. She was just a sitter that Friday when Daddy left for work, and when he returned home she was officially a crawler! She's now quite good at crawling and pulling herself up to standing, and she is also good at getting all of the things Hannah wants to play with. Hannah has been really good about saying, "No baby, don't play with ____. I'm playing with it!" However, today she was aggressive and possessive, more so than usual. Anything Shiloah played with would quickly become something Hannah did NOT want her to have and it would be snatched out of Shiloah's hands with lightning speed. So, our little angel spent a lot of time in time-out today. Her offenses included things like hitting Baby, kicking Baby, rolling on Baby instead of hitting or pushing her out of the way, grabbing giraffes from Baby, sitting on Baby, yelling "Don't touch Cindy!" at Baby. A few of these were a direct response to my statements, like "Do not yell at Baby, it's okay for her to touch Cindy." We're working on Hannah's new skill -- coming to get Mommy and asking for help with Shiloah when she is doing something Hannah doesn't like.

Hannah is also very helpful in this regard, now that she is our resident law enforcement. Shiloah manages to get her little fingers on anything and everything, especially dangerous things she finds in secret places I've not cleaned in a while. Hannah is always quick to spot these things. Usually I can intercept them before Hannah tries to. One time Hannah knocked Shiloah over in trying to get a piece of paper out of her mouth. Like I said, we're learning about how to say, "Mommy, come help with Shiloah!"