Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tirck or Treat!

Instead of Pretty the girls decided to go for Spooky this time! Hannah was a very screechy bat and Shiloah was a hatless witch. I got to wear the hat because Shiloah was too frustrated with it. They loved getting their faces painted! I think they look fabulous.

Fun with Norah

Playing with the Rice Box. Even her toes are concentrating!

Eleanor is our little friend who comes over with her sister on Thursdays. It's a nice chance for Norah to have a playmate! They often work very hard at pushing each other in the stroller, and they take turns very nicely! Hannah is busy playing with big sister Addy, who is in her Leaping Frog class at school. Shiloah gets to do Special Time with Shishaw this day.

2nd Presbyterian Preschool Halloween Parade 2010

Leaping Frogs

Honey Bears

"Mom, I do not feel good!"

It's always a fun day when you get to wear Mommy's makeup!

The girls were both princesses (big surprise) for their school Halloween Parades. They looked so beautiful and they had a lot of fun getting ready. Norah even got some sparkles in her hair! Too bad she had a fever. :(

Monday, November 1, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This is not me, it's my sister! Go Budgie!

It's been a month since we went to the Pumpkin Patch, a very busy month. Whew!

Now that Disney/Halloween is over I have a LOT of catching up to do!

The Pumpkin Patch was so much fun, as usual. It was such a perfect day on all fronts: the weather was perfect, the food was perfect, Budgie got to come, and the girls had perfect behavior. Looking forward to next year's visit!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Crazy Norah

Just a snapshot of the joy shares with us!

Just after naptime today...

Shiloah looked so cute after her nap today that I decided to take some pictures. The other girls wanted to share their own little poses, too. Funny, funny girls.

The Bunk Beds are IN!

During our beach vacation this summer we had bunk beds for the big girls and we discovered that it worked out quite well! Besides the fact that they LOVE sleeping in the same room and in their very cool bunks, it gives us our own bedroom for the first time since Norah was born! There are not words to describe how thrilled we are to have our own bedroom. The combination of a baby in your room + loud, squeaky wood floors = tiptoeing around, no lights on when the baby was sleeping, not being able to get dressed in the morning until she woke up (or bringing our clothes out to the bathroom the night before), and listening to every single sound she made. That last one was just me, Corey only heard the screaming... once in a while.

Our new table

Our wonderful friends the Moseleys made us a beautiful kitchen table and it was installed on Saturday! Isn't it beautiful? The girls love sitting at it. It's not very deep but that's because our kitchen isn't big enough for anything more. It's just exactly enough for two people, two stools, two plates and two cups. That's it.

It also serves as a place for the girls to eat uninterrupted by Norah. That might be the best feature right now!

Daddy's Girls

Aren't they so sweet?

Sharing the Sand Table


The weather has shifted very suddenly and is now perfectly fall! We are trying to play outside as much as possible in anticipation for the upcoming cold and rainy weather. It was sunny and a crisp 80 degrees today. It doesn't get much better than that!

Norah has begun enjoying a paci, we think it's because she's teething again. But it looks so cute!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Playing in the basement

The big girls incorporated Norah into their dollhouse playtime this morning. Norah had a pair of Polly Pocket legs and was trampling them all over the house. Shiloah and Hannah would say, "Ah! It's a monster! Help!" They love the game of Damsel in Distress. I guess all women do. :)

Joan can read!

Could this be any cuter?