Monday, October 24, 2011

Silly, Silly and Silly.

The shirt Hannah is wearing displays all the faces of the girls in her class. Yes, there were only 6 girls in this class - a very special group, the Leaping Frogs, of girls who needed a little bit more ripening before heading off to kindergarten. What a wonderful class it was!

Fun with the slip-n-slide


"Go, Norah, go!"


Gymnastics trophy showcase

That is not Hannah. Just an eager friend.

The little green and gold trophy made it all worth while.

Second Presbyterian Preschool End of Year Show

Hannah is the moon.

God created light!

And the 6 sweet little girls in this class, too.

Uno, Dos, Tres Amigos...

Baby Birdie...

Lots of kids paying attention.

Last Day of Preschool, Spring 2011

One of Amerria's tonsillectomy presents.
Her downstairs neighbor, a grown man, commented that maybe he should get a tonsillectomy so he could get lots of food and presents. I can think of some other things he needs more than a tonsillectomy.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Budgie!

We returned home after being out of town to find this line up of Disney figures on our back deck. One of our sweet neighbors did this!

Hannah, Shiloah and Amerria, our neighbor.

Practicing for Easter

And playing in the dirt.

Random fun with the girls

Making cookies and hiding in the closet.

Naturally cool, like Mom and Dad.

Playing so nicely together

Shiloah the gymnast