Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Silly girls

Just playing together yesterday.

New Goggles

These are a summer necessity in our house, useful for many occasions -- like lunch! "Goggles" is also one of Norah's words, and she occasionally will wear some.

Hannah and Shiloah are doing great with their swimming lessons and are able to really swim! They're not quite able to tread water, but getting there! That will be a day of relief for me.

Finger Painting

We gave Norah the caps, thinking there was such a small amount of paint that it would not end up a huge mess. We underestimated her.

Hannah's version of Phil Wyckham's song, True Love

Monday, July 26, 2010

Playing Babies

Norah and I spent a long time playing Babies together last week. She was most interested in putting them to bed, feeding them, and making them go wee-wee in the swing. She has a very serious concentrating face, and very big cheeks, too. Eventually the other girls joined in the game but that was a little too much for Norah to handle. Not too long after she found another toy to play with. She didn't even complain.

Yogurt for breakfast

Sometimes we wonder if she actually eats any.

Pool play with friends

Addy and Eleanor came over for Hannah's family birthday party and got to play in the pool in the backyard at David and Vicki's house. Each girl got to take a turn with the sprayer, but Corey might have had the most fun of anyone!

Snack time

Now that Norah is almost 1 and a half, she is very interested in doing everything the same way that her sisters do it. So, she wants to sit at the same table, eat the same snacks, do the same crafts (as you will see below). She's quite coordinated and competent, so it's actually not that bad! And, she enjoys it so much that it makes everything much easier to have her participate equally. Getting the older girls to leave her alone is really the big trick.

A Toy Story Birthday

For her 5 year old birthday Hannah, Shiloah and Norah got all the talking "Doot-doots" (this is the name that Norah gave to the collective group of Woody, Jessie and Buzz). It has caused quite a stir in our home and given way to many, many disputes and rewards. Ahh... but, now that we've had a few weeks of getting used to them, it has calmed down a bit. We have "Doot-doot" days and we have NOT "Doot-doot" days. They have accepted it.
Mimi, Nanah and Yiyoh.

If Corey was a 17-month old girl...

Daddy and Hannah


Thank you, Lord, for non-toxic paint!

Hannah's mermaids

Hannah is really into drawing on her magna doodles, which she calls her drawing boards. She was particularly proud of this drawing, and I have to say I agree with her! It's a fantastic drawing of some princess mermaids and one princess human. So whimsical!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Summer Wedding

I love this. What a beautiful scene.

She walked around happily with one of Hannah's shoes on for most of the evening.

The young kids got to run around on one of the putting greens while we were waiting for the food to be served.