Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Real Ariel

A visit from the Family

My dad, Lisa and the boys came to visit for four days and they have been extremely helpful. Dad and Corey have completely re-created the landscaping of our house and it looks amazing.
We truly have a view of the lake now! Lisa has also been able to pack up a significant portion of our things and we have boxes all over the place now. The girls have had a blast playing with everyone and with their new dress-up outfits. You can see the real Ariel in these pictures. There is also an amazing video of Hannah singing "Look at this stuff" in her new outfit but I can't get it to load up right now. I will keep trying, I promise. It's priceless!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lunch time learning

Shiloah is learning how to eat by herself and she's doing really well! It sure helps to have a great older sister to learn from. She often will not eat at all unless she can do it herself and she throws a very loud, brief fit if we try to feed her. We use a trick that my mom used on us: let her have her own spoon to use and we hold a spoon of our own and then we can sneak some good bites in. Aren't they so big? And so sweet and so beautiful...

More pictures

I have this great video of Hannah and Shiloah playing together but I can't get it to load up onto this blog. This will often happen when the camera doesn't load the pictures properly onto our computer -- I have to go fishing around for the files until I find them. Sorry! I'll keep trying.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cinderella and the Prince

We're moving... again!

Though we've only been here about a year, we're on the move again. This time we are heading to Roanoke, Va, Corey's home town. I hate packing up our entire life but we're looking forward to being in "The 'Noke" and near Corey's parents, grandma, and my sister.

New pictures of the girls