Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We got some new furniture for the girls' rooms and we're going to assemble our new bunk beds (though keeping them separate for now) very soon. The girls got a new little pink chair which they love, too. And, of course, Shiloah is so funny!

Daddy got the girls some very frilly little scarves from Israel -- they refer to them as their "Mary things" because they can wear them on their heads just like Jesus' mommy. Shiloah really likes to have her picture taken, if you can't tell, and she's quite photogenic!

We went to the mall one day and rode the silly little rides for a while and had a great time!

Christmas Day

We got a wonderful new vanity for Christmas from Grandad and Nana -- Hannah is very careful and particular in the way she puts on her makeup and Shiloah is, um, very freeform in her methods!