Thursday, February 25, 2010

Norah and the Rocking Horse

Norah's Birthday


We opened a few presents for Norah on her actual birthday, which was the 21st. She will have her real party on Saturday. The Zebra was the biggest hit, but mostly with the big girls! Of course they could hardly wait for their turn on it. Shiloah was especially excited, as you can see. Good thing they all weigh less than 45 pounds!

Snuggle Stories

Every night the girls get to pick out one book each before bedtime. They then will call, "Snuggle Stories!" That means that they get to fit under one of my arms and listen to the story. I"m not sure what I"ll do when Norah wants in on the Snuggles, too.


Our middle Sweetie is 3 years old now! She had a Fancy Dress Dinner Party and Birthday Ball for her birthday. We did makeup and dancing, had some dinner and cake and a few fun games. One of her presents was a Strawberry Shortcake costume, which she loves wearing. The make up is just water color paints, by the way.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

King Herod

This was totally unscripted.

Dancin' to MJ!


We've had a great day of playing and opening presents. Hopefully she'll be able to bring her cupcakes to school tomorrow!
The bruise on her cheek is from an accident that happened last week: she climbed up onto a toddler chair and somehow fell off. All in the time it took me to put a 3 year old's socks on.

Norah is a great little helper with all the clean dishes!

We brought the easel in to do some painting the other day. Snow is driving us crazy!! I really feel for those of you in the DC area.

Aunt Budgie

Such a good Aunt!

Nakey after bath time

"If I can just pull myself up and over this fence I could really play with Hannah and Shiloah and they would just love it. Uh, look at those cool marbles! I wonder how they taste?"

Hannah reads to her sister

Hannah enjoys reading to both of her sisters, but this was especially cute.

Monday, February 1, 2010

More Snow

We got another foot of snow the other day. We went outside to play and Papa got his workout in for the day - pulling the girls on the sled through the snow at full speed! They loved it!

Again, Norah did not like the snow, though she did much better in her snowsuit this time.

We went sledding and jumped on the snow-covered jumper.


They were not a huge success, unfortunately. We hyped it all up and then the girls didn't really like them! They just wanted to eat the graham crackers.

Norah dresses up

All the girls had their beautiful dresses on. Tinkerbell, aka Hannah, was organizing the whole story as usual, letting everyone know their parts and what they were allowed to do, or not allowed to do. She was the mom, and, she told me, that meant she knew lots of stuff.

"The Jumper"


We decided to get bundled up and go out on the jumper the other day. This was Norah's first jumper experience and she LOVED it! She laughed so hard at the way she would bounce when the girls jumped near her and she never gave up trying to stand up and walk.

Shiloah's temper tantrum

Disclaimer: we know better than to fight with an irrational, inconsolable 3 year-old. We usually just put her in her bed and let her scream until she's done, and we let her come out when she is ready to behave appropriately.

Shiloah did eventually get her pajamas on!