Monday, August 24, 2009

Norah crawls

6 months old... my life will never be the same!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Bath Time!

We can now bathe all three together! But, just because we can doesn't mean that we will...

Holden Beach Vacation 2009


This year we got to spend a whole week at the beach house! No hurricanes interrupted our vacation this time.

We had so much fun. The girls loved the pool and the beach and spent lots of time in each. There was a perfect little sand bar that created a shallow wave-free pool of ocean water right out in front of our house. The big girls wore their little froggy and duckie floaties the whole time and were able to swim freely in the water. Swimming lessons will be next summer.

Norah learned to crawl while we were there, which means big trouble for us now! She turned 6 months old on the 21st and we now have to watch out for all doors, stairs and little dolly things. Ugh, my life is now changed forever. It was so easy when she was immobile! Of course the baby has to be the one to crawl super early. Hannah hardly crawled at all!

Shiloah loves to get in the dryer, which she is allowed to do at Shishaw's house when it's just her Special Time. So, while at the beach house she took the opportunity to climb in as well!

Most mornings, Shishaw would play wonderful music to the early morning sun, which also meant the girls got to eat breakfast to the music! They really enjoyed that. Corey and I took them for a few early morning bike rides (just Hannah and Shiloah), too. It was a wonderful, quiet time with family.

Towards the end of the trip our dear friend Bernie got to spend a night and a whole day with us. It has been too long, Bernie! We loved seeing you!

On our way home we stopped in to see the Andersons, our dear friends from Raleigh. Their little girls, Grace and Ella, were so much fun to play with. Hannah and Shiloah talked about it all the way home. "It was so much fun to play with Grace and Ella, Mommy!" It was a really nice way to break up the trip home. There was only one really bad moment in the car when all three girls were crying... luckily it didn't last for too long!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cousin Jessica's Wedding

Hannah got to go to the ceremony with Daddy while the little girls slept and Mommy did some great organizing! We did some makeup and put her hair in a Princess Alora bow. (For those of you who don't know Princess Alora is from Voltron, my favorite childhood cartoon. I recently had them watch it and they liked it! The VHS is sooo old, probably 20 years old!)