Monday, November 21, 2011

3 Baptisms

We had the girls baptized on March 6, 2011. (5+6=11)
It was really special to have them baptized together on the same day,
and all of them understood what they were doing at their own age level.
Some friends of ours, on left, were also baptized that day.

And the front yard leaves...

Smiling into the sun.

Playing in the backyard leaves

Little Indian Norah

Her preschool class did Indian face paint and she looked so cute.

And this video is just a little taste of how talkative she is.
She can talk the pants off of anyone -- but she's so interesting you barely notice you're standing there with no pants on.

Friends for dinner

We had some friends visit for the weekend and enjoyed a wonderful dinner to celebrate.
Aunt Budgie is so cute!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trick-or-treat 2011


Amerria was a devil. How can you not love that face!?

That's Bat Girl, I mean Hannah, who was too wiggly for good pictures.

Shiloah, at the last minute, decided to be Pocahontas. She demanded to have brown skin and black eyebrows. Hair, apparently, was not mandatory. She felt like Pocahontas!

Our whole trick-or-treating crew.

Carving pumpkins on Halloween day... getting ready!

Norah was a Masked Ball Princess for Halloween.

2nd Presbyterian Preschool Halloween Parade

Both were princesses. Both had a pink stripe in their hair.
Thank you, Joan and Bill, for those dresses!

Playing out front with Amerria.

Lots of CHEESE, Norah!

Grandparents' Day at Faith Christian School

Shishaw, Papaw and Hannah.

Shiloah and Daddy.

Norah gets a grown-up towel.

Just like Mommy.

Then we painted...

Pumpkin Patch 2011


She searched very diligently for exactly the right pumpkin.
And she found it!

Love that belly button!

Gotta love Layman Family Farms!