Thursday, January 3, 2008

Shiloah Goes Grocery Shipping

Here's our very big little girl! Shiloah is very close to walking on her own these days. She stands for long moments at a time and actually walked this morning while just holding onto my bathrobe with one hand. She had the greatest time pushing that cart back and forth. Corey and I went out, but David and Vicki said that she continued to push it back and forth for a long time after we left.

Shiloah is so tall, around 90% for her age, but only 60% for weight. Hannah, on the other hand, is about 10-20% for both categories in her age group. It won't be long before they're wearing the same size!!

Random Pictures of our Sweet Girls

Here's a few very sweet pictures of Adia and Hannah, and a very funny picture of Shiloah wearing her Christmas hat (courtesy of David "Papaw" Paxton) and my sunglasses. Hannah asks for Adia a lot these days, wants her to come over, wants her to wake up from her nap (as if she's downstairs sleeping). It's so sad! I wish they could come over again! We love you, Rayburns!

Hannah sings her A-B-C's

Hannah has been singing her a-b-c's up to the letter 'g' for a little while now but today she decided to finish off the rest of the song. I was so surprised to hear all 26 letters come out of her mouth! We had to call the grandparents and sing it to them because we were so proud, they loved it, of course.

On an unrelated note, our heater broke today, which just happened to be one of the coldest days of all time! Hannah will start crying if she's exposed to the cold for too long, and I don't blame her. It's freezing! So we called a fix-it guy and he replaced the motor and now it's working just fine. But, we didn't want the girls to freeze at night so we put them in the same room to sleep with a space heater. Well, after about 45 minutes Shiloah woke up (this is a normal occurrence during sleep cycles, usually we put ourselves right back to sleep) and started babbling. Well, I guess Hannah was still awake because pretty soon they were both laughing and talking and having a grand ol' time in there when they were supposed to be sleeping! We got a good laugh out of it, too, but eventually the fun ended and Shiloah was crying so we moved her back into her own room and then they went back to sleep. They are so funny! Don't worry, the heat is working now and they're plenty warm in their double-layers of pajamas.