Friday, June 18, 2010

Tricky Norah

Summertime fun at home

Time at the sand and water table.

A bunny.

A front-porch tea party.

Group arts and crafts.

We've been having a great summer so far. The biggest challenge is just keeping the girls active and engaged in activities, no down time for boredom and fighting. We have made excellent use of our pool membership for just that reason! Since Shishaw can come up and be at the pool with us it makes for a really fun time.

Hannah's (Pretend) Birthday Party

The Birthday Fairy.

Norah was an excellent Junior Fairy.

All the party girls!

Delicious fairy cupcakes.

We decided to have a very early birthday party for Hannah so she could invite all of her little preschool friends, since no one is around much in the summer. We did a Fairy party at a local boutique, where they turned an entire back portion of their store into a castle. They have the most beautiful dress-ups and did a wonderful party for Hannah. It was so nice for me to just show up and not have to do anything besides bring food! The girls had a wonderful time, and, as usual, Shiloah was a dominant personality in the group.