Saturday, August 30, 2008

Shiloah pretends to be Vicki

This morning the girls were upstairs "helping" David and Vicki get packed up for their trip to the beach (we're joining them on Tuesday night). David hollered down to me to come with my camera quick...

Shiloah had climbed up into their computer chair wearing Vicki's shirt and decided she needed some of Vicki's glasses so that she could do her work on the computer. She was so serious about it and so proud of her little accomplishment.

Doesn't she look serious?!

Friday, August 29, 2008

2039 Westover Ave

1. Upstairs hallway -- two bedrooms to the right, one straight ahead (connected to master) and the master on the left
2. Upstairs Bathroom -- no shower yet, but we're working on it, and we love the old tub
3. Master bedroom -- has a nice walk-in closet

2039 Westover Ave

1.Backyard -- space for a garden, came with a small goldfish pond and a little rope swing, I know Linda can do really cool tricks with ropes
2. Kitchen -- was painted a lovely flesh color, and it's pretty small, but it works for now.
3.Window at landing of staircase

2039 Westover Ave

Here's our new house!

1. From the front sidewalk -- we love the large porch and big trees
2. The entryway -- large beautiful staircase
3. The den -- we're in the process of painting, Corey's doing a great job!
4 & 5. The dining room -- two views, work in progress

Tara the "Fairy Godmother" came to visit

Corey's cousin, Tara, came to visit us this weekend, and her mom Tracy, too. The girls have quickly taken to them, especially Tara. As you can see here, Tara is obviously Hannah's (I mean Princess Aurora's) fairy godmother. Aren't they sweet?!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shiloah plays Beauty and the Beast

Baby Update

Though I am not on complete bedrest I am still limited in my activities for the time being. Basically I have to stay calm and not get my adrenaline going. Thankfully I can still play normally with the girls, just no long walks or anything like that.

The problem is a fairly large blood clot located next to the baby. I had a significant amount of bleeding a few weeks ago but the baby has continued to appear healthy and strong with a good heartbeat and normal growth. Hopefully the clot will absorb into my body and the pregnancy will continue as normal, but there is always a chance that it will not and a miscarriage will result. It's a weird place to be -- unsure of whether or not there will be a baby in early March. But, my doctor visits have been good so far and we're hopeful that we will indeed have a healthy baby...

...maybe a boy??
So obviously I attempted to post Hannah's Bible songs 4 times on YouTube. I didn't realize that it actually did post, I just had to wait a whole week to see it! So, that's why there were 4 identical posts. But, I figured it out and cleaned it up. Now, it's time for some Shiloah...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Hannah sings Bible Songs

Hannah is singing to baby Teeney.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

That video

I don't know why the video isn't publishing onto our blog, but here is the link so that you can view it on YouTube.

Click here.


Baby #3

For those of you who didn't know, I am 3 months pregnant with baby #3. We had a little scare about a week ago, but things are okay now and I'm NOT on bedrest any more. Think it's a boy or a girl? We'll find out in about 10 weeks. I am due end of February, which puts Shiloah and baby just over 2 years apart.

Hannah's Birthday Party

Hannah's party was very sweet. She and Shiloah and Grace played "stick the cinderella on the window" and did an princess egg hunt outside. We also enjoyed a lovely princess cake and some yummy dinner. And, though it wasn't at Hannah's party, there's a sweet little kiss from Shiloah to Aunt Traci. Too cute!

We are officially settled into the grandparents' house in Roanoke, waiting for our house to become ready to move into, which should be in about a month. It's been a wonderful season of having lots of quality time with Shishaw and Pawpaw amidst the chaos of renovating their house. And, with Baby #3 on the way, it's been such an added bonus to have extra helping hands to love and help with the girls!