Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Laughing Shiloah

My mom started singing this silly little song to Hannah when she visited a while ago. Hannah thought it was so funny! Now, as you can see, Shiloah thinks it's pretty funny herself! I just LOVE those belly laughs!

Monday, October 22, 2007

NC State Fair

We went to the state fair on Saturday morning while Corey's grandparents were here. We had a wonderful visit with "Grandma Rae" and "Grandpa John." Hannah got her very first taste of funnel cake at the fair, Shiloah got her very first french fry.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shiloah gets some camera time!

I realized that all of our videos are about Hannah, except for the brief shot of Shiloah in the bath tub. So, here's some footage of our sweet Shiloah. As you can see she is very close to crawling. She swivels around on her tummy and will scoot herself all around on our wood floor, sometimes she even does downward dog (a yoga pose where you stand on your hands and feet, bum up in the air). She has reached a point of frustration in her little life of 8 months -- she doesn't really want to eat pureed food anymore, she wants to eat big girl food. She can't crawl yet but really wants to be walking. Her poor little body is just not fast enough for her ever-expanding mind! It doesn't help that big sister Hannah can do so many fun things that Shiloah can't do! Soon enough...but I am glad for these days where Shiloah can't get into everything. It certainly makes my life simpler!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

It's fun to be naughty!

Hannah sometimes enjoys being naughty, and, honestly, don't we all? I could go on with some theological, moral and pragmatic (not to mention boring) expositions on the subject but I think I'd rather just watch some cute videos, wouldn't you?

I will often tell her to be quiet if Shiloah is sleeping, which is exactly when she decides that it is the best time of day to yell, usually right outside the door of the room in which Shiloah is sleeping. Sometimes it's so frustrating, other times it's just funny. Today it was funny.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Yes, I'm still learning this whole blog thing. Apparently you can't just go back and edit your post, or else you'll do something silly like put the same exact post on twice. Oops!

Dora's Musica

Hannah's favorite video this week has been Dora's Move to the Music. There's a little song that the characters sing as they march along on their way to freedom, she is imitating it in this video. It goes, "I play the flute, dee dee dee dee dee. You play the flute, dee dee dee dee dee.." And so on for each different instrument. Here she's doing the bam bams, I'm doing the crasha's and Bernie is doing the shakas.

Bathtime Beauties

Here's bath time from last night! And, on an unrelated note, after a week of letting Shiloah cry for differing amounts of time at night, she is finally sleeping until 7 a.m.!!! Yay, Shishew!

Friday, October 12, 2007

JJ Doing the "Ditar"

Still workin' on it...

I'm still trying to post the video of Hannah painting, for some reason it's not letting me. I also fixed the settings so that anyone can comment, sorry Lauren and Melissa! :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Hannah has a lot of fun by getting other smaller kids to do what she refers to as "ashes" with her. It's very sweet and Shiloah seems to enjoy it as well!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

A Very Dirty Birthday

On Corey's birthday we three girls went to pick him up from work. He was very dirty from laying tile and back board and Hannah picked up on this. She has been very particular about being messy or dirty lately.
Later on that day we got Corey's presents laid out in the playroom for a "Happy Birthday Daddy Surprise," which Hannah was very excited about. She talked about his birthday all day.
Sometime that evening she was singing Happy Birthday to her little doll, Cindy, when she got slightly upset for what seemed like no reason at all. Well, she told me that she didn't want Cindy to get dirty for her birthday like Daddy did! She apparently was under the impression that people have to get dirty for their birthdays! It was so sweet. I'm not sure she's completely convinced otherwise, yet.

The girls have also been practicing their driving skills in the basement. Shiloah and Hannah can actually fit in the car together, that is, if Hannah didn't try to push Shiloah out! She spent some time in time out for that one.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hannah Hiding

Hannah the Tiger

Here is the scariest Tiger you've ever seen!