Thursday, February 21, 2008

Shiloah is a walker now!

We had lots of fun in Florida! TeeTee, CoolGuy, Sammy, Coconut (Hannah nicknamed her "Coach-tonut"), Joan and Bill all got to spend wonderful time with the girls, and with us, too! It was so great to see everyone, we have really missed them. Now that we're back, however, I don't miss the dog slobber and hair all over the ground with a crawling and thumb-sucking baby girl! Yuck! I'm trying to upload some videos but am constantly thwarted by blogger -- it seems to never respond when I want to do a video! Very frustrating. Be patient, though, I'll keep trying.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


360 Days

Shiloah is 360 days old today, she turns one year old on Sunday! I can't believe it's already been a year, this has gone by so much faster than Hannah's first year, I think. Shiloah loves going down the slide, which she calls the "weeeee." She can actually say a few words but she is particular about when and how she says them. She will say "boo" and "I see you" when I put her shirts on, she says "clap clap clap" and claps her hands, she says mama and does a sign for "all done." I think she says "bath" too. While we were outside, just before I was taping, of course, she walked her 6 first steps as though she's been walking for months. It happened because I moved the Little Tykes car to dump out some water. She had been holding onto it and just decided to walk right back over instead of crawl. She was so steady and comfortable-seeming while walking. She's a tricky one!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dinner, anyone?

Shiloah's newest thing is using a fork and spoon. Sometimes she will only eat her food if she can use her utensils by herself, but she's actually successful some of the time! I help her stick the food and then she puts it in her mouth all by herself. It's very serious work, and she usually offers me some during the process, as you can see. This was stuffed manicotti with sauce. She thoroughly enjoyed it!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Chicken Nebulizer, Part 2

The Chicken Nebulizer

We were very sick that second week of January. Shiloah had a double ear-infection and bronchiolitis, and Hannah had walking pneumonia. I eventually got worn down to a sinus infection, but we were all pretty miserable for a while there. I made some delicious chicken soup, loaded with so many dumplings that I had to move some out to make room for more! Doesn't it look delicious, Brain??

Due to their lung infections we were given nebulizers for treatment. Shiloah screamed the first time for the entire 10 minutes! By the end of the week she would just sit there with it on her face without anyone monitoring her, like it was such a normal part of her day! As long as she had a video to watch she was content. They gave us a special nebulizer for children and it was supposed to be a fish so as to make it a more welcome gas mask. Well, I think it actually looks like a chicken and so that stuck in Hannah's impressionable little mind, and it has forever been the chicken nebulizer since! I'm trying to post a video of Hannah talking about the chicken nebulizer but blogger is being stubborn.

We've still had the run-around with ear infections -- just this past Sunday morning I was back in the doctor's office with Shiloah, who had another ear infection. Then, after five days of medication, she and I were back in last night because of severe diaper rash and we discovered that she has yet another ear-infection! We think that the last course of meds didn't do the trick and she's actually had an ear infection since last Sunday. But, we're on the best course we can be on now, and she's perfectly content! I never would have taken her in for another ear infection, she has shown no symptoms! Poor thing.