Thursday, July 30, 2009

Florida Vacation

We got to take a good long trip to Florida for vacation to see Danielle's family. First we went to

Bradenton/Anna Maria Island where we got to stay at the condo and see TeeTee, CoolGuy and Coconut the Shih Tzu. We got to play dress up, go in the pool, swim and play at the beach and Hannah even got to sing a capella at the Beach Cafe to a bunch of adoring elderly types.

Then we went to Jacksonville to see Grandad, Nana and KevinandZach (Shiloah referred to them as one entity for the first few days). We went to the Zoo, the beach again and spent a lot of time in their pool.

When we were at the little Splash Park (part of the Jax Zoo) Shiloah pushed a girl who was probably five times her size and many years older than she. The poor injured girl came over to me sobbing because my sweet little bully had caused her to get a large scrape on her leg. Poor thing.

Hannah also called Corey an idiot in the pool one day, the first incident of name calling in our family. When he asked her where she learned that word she replied "The green monster calls the purple monster an idiot on Monsters, Inc." OOps, we didn't quite pick up on that. Thus begins the age of learning new and exciting words!

It was a very long day of travel yesterday but we made it home safely and are all busy recovering from all that fun!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dancing before bedtime

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A traditional 4th of July Princess Walk

For the Fourth of July we let the girls dress up in their fancy dress-ups and go on a short walk. We stopped by the neighbor's and their little girl joined us, too. They thought it was the greatest thing in the whole world! It basically was.

Norah falls asleep

The other day, while I was cooking, Norah fell asleep in the middle of playing on her favorite bug mat. I looked over because she was so suddenly quiet, and there she was, sound asleep with the thumb snugly in her mouth.

Time at Shishaw and Pawpaw's house

While Corey was out of town this past week (on a mission trip) all the girls stayed with David and Vicki. It was lots of fun!
After returning from New Mexico, David and Vicki jumped right into a crazy house of little princesses. Here is Shishaw reading a new book, Hannah modeling her new Indian girl dress, and showing how it twirls, and posing with some of her new princesses she got for her birthday from Grandma Rae and Grandpa John.

Hannah's 4th Birthday!

The party was lots of fun! We had four little friends (plus Shiloah makes five) out to GG's pool and it turned out to be a perfect day. The girls made some bead necklaces and did lots of swimming. Hannah loved getting to see her friends and she especially loved her birthday presents.

She was very precise, though, making sure to let people it was not her real birthday, but only her pretend birthday. On her real birthday she and I went to Elderberry's and Chuck E Cheese's, the scariest place on earth. (Why haven't they updated those dumb dancing guys? They do the exact same thing as when I was a little girl!)

Mommy got bangs, too.