Friday, April 20, 2012

Easter Cookies

 A sweet moment of sister snuggles.
 I should really just stop making cookies altogether and just buy icing.
That's all they want anyhow!

Breakfast girls

 Just our normal breakfast morning.

Silly Swinging Girls

Evangeline, Hannah and Shiloah 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Como Zoo and Flower Garden

A FREE zoo! Gorgeous flower gardens and really cool animals, including a couple of amazing polar bears.

Simply delicious...

Matching dresses

Norah and Shiloah modeling their American Doll dresses: each dress came with one to match their American Girl Dolls.

More sweet friends

We love you, Drapers!

Dear friends from Roanoke.

These 5 little girls were (and will always be) dear friends.
We love you, LeGaults!

Jamestown and the real Pocahontas

A nice quiet ride home.

Sleeping quarters on the ships at Jamestown. 2 per bed!!!

Corey's distant relative, Opechancanough. See the resemblance?
Both appear to be chiseled from stone.
The real Pocahontas was disappointingly 'not as pretty' as the Disney version.
Such is life when Disney is your measure.
Apparently not all of your dreams can come true when you wish upon a star.